Hear Dave Longstreth’s DJ Mix For The American Museum Of Natural History

Dirty Projectors capo Dave Longstreth has been on the lam since his band’s triumphant Bitte Orca (and its Björk-bolstered sibling Mount Wittenberg Orca), holing up in more rustic locales quite literally shedding on a new record. We don’t know exactly when the new record will be done beyond “this year,” or what it will be called beyond “something not ending with Orca,” though for a band this intentional, it’s fair to assume that a DJ set at a museum on the Upper West Side is a signal that their return to the country’s urban centers is imminent. So, welcome back to the city, DPs.

On Friday night the band’s Dave Longstreth and Amber Coffman DJd an event billed “One Step Beyond” at the Museum Of American Natural History; last night, the band tweeted to a stream-capture of Longstreth’s 30-minute set. Its tracklist is so iconic (most of these song titles don’t need artist credits) that I’m not sure it as a sign of what’s to come on this new album, per se, but it at least shows where’s Longsreth’s head’s at musically while also suggesting that he’s been having some fun fucking around with beat-matching technologies. Some of the niftier interludes include “Single Ladies” into “Like A Rolling Stone,” “Paid In Full” into JT’s “Señorita,” “Straight Out Of Compton” into Faces’ “Just Another Honky,” and the ultimate 1-2 of Joanna Newsom’s “’81” diving into the poetic closing cut “End Of Time” by Beyoncé. Headphones up:

Dave Set 2 at American Museum of Natural History – 01/20/12 by Dirty Projectors
(via @dirtyprojectors)

[Dave Longstreth image from Dirty Projectors’ 2006 EP New Attitude, painted by Jake Longstreth]