Arctic Monkeys – “You And I” (Feat. Richard Hawley) Video

Over four records with Arctic Monkeys, and spin-off ventures like The Last Of The Shadow Puppets and the Submarine OST (“Pile Driver Waltz” especially), Alex Turner’s established himself as a legitimate student of songwriting. He’s also established himself as a fan, and friend, of legitimate songwriting talent Richard Hawley, an influence that’s colored some of Turner’s latter-day output. They chill in real life, too: Here they are onstage together back in ’09. And below, here they are together on this new Suck It And See b-side “You And I,” which also has a video shot on-location in Sheffield by Arctic Monkeys’ in-house video production team Focus Creeps. This time Turner’s pulling Hawley over towards his side of things, aesthetically speaking. Also featured: motorcycle helmets, burning cigarettes, leather jackets, many laughs of contentment with their studio performances.

(via @imsohigh)

Suck It And See is out via Domino.