New múm Video – “Sing Along” (Stereogum Premiere)

Yesterday a singing crow, today a singing deer. The Kevin Phillips-directed video for múm’s “Sing Along” is a compelling clip with some truly beautiful moments (wait for the butterflies). It’s a bit like “Sugar, We’re Going Down” re-imagined by Icelanders with a darker and deeper visual aesthetic: A deer’s killed, kissed, and dragged dead up a hill and into a household where it becomes a rag doll pet forced to withstand all sorts of indignities (riding a seesaw, playing catch, acting as a centerpiece, getting framed, etc.), occasionally trying to do what the song title suggests. The lyrics includes lines like “we want to eat you with our spoon” and “you are so beautiful to us / we want to lock you in our house,” which may make you want to skip tonight’s bear stew and instead take your dog for a walk. Then again, maybe the clip’s finale will just have you in the mood for charred venison.

Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know is out via the band’s Euphono. “Sing Along” includes the album title. “Illuminated“‘s a sing-along song.

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