Weird Merch Alert 2: Bonnie “Prince” Billy Coffee

It’s nothing on the level of Disney’s still-inexplicable Joy Division T-shirt, but it’s still a nice little curiosity to keep on your shelf: avant-folk iconoclast Will Oldham now has his own blend of coffee. Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s Bonny Billy Blend Kona Rose Coffee is now for sale at the Drag City website. At $20 for a half-pound, the price is a bit steep. But the Drag City website does say that the organic blend does have “overtones of chocolate, leather and non-wacky tobaccy,” which sounds pretty good. I can’t even think of a remotely effective Bonnie “Prince” Billy-related coffee pun. (Wake Up In The Light? No, that blows.) So leave your own in the comments section.

[Photo by Abbey Braden @ ATP NJ]