New White Shit – “Jim Morrison”

White Shit is the excellently addictive project of Big Business (and now the Melvins) dudes Jared Warren and Coady Willis along with guitarist Andy Coronado (the Monorchid, Wrangler Brutes, Skull Control) and a fourth member named Tits. Their nine-song debut Sculpted Beef, out now as one-sided vinyl via Dean Spunt’s PPM, rips past in less than 15 minutes, which means you can listen to it multiple times in an hour. The fuzzed-out shredding and Warren’s howl ought to be an especial treat to those of us who still hold a (very) special place in our hearts for his ’90s Olympia crew, Karp. Or folks who find themselves craving a streamlined punk rock shredder. Or just want to hear a song called “Bathroom Cop.” In that spirit, dive-in headfirst via White Shit’s longest song, the two and a half minute “Jim Morrison.” It’s not about who you think it’s about.

White Shit – “Jim Morrison” (MP3)

Sculpted Beef is out via PPM. Dean links to “Homeopathic Valtrex” over at No Age’s blog, if you want to hear more.