Desire – “Don’t Call” Video

Italians Do It Better co-honcho Johnny Jewel hit a pop cultural sweet spot last year, making in-roads with the Gossling demo by landing one of his Chromatics tracks on the much-loved Drive OST. His stardusted and narcotic Italo production style seemed to influence a lot of that soundtrack; in fact, the lesser known and more recent Jewel vehicle, Desire, had a song on in it as well (“Under Your Spell”). Desire is Jewell with fellow Chromatic Nat Walker and vocalist Megan Louise, and here they are with the video for the glam electro-strut cut “Don’t Call.” It’s directed by Alberto Rossini, who recently helmed a clip for that other Jewell outlet, Glass Candy. All of which is to say, he stays busy. The song is old, but the video is new. The clip was filmed in Miami during a hurricane watch, if that affects your enjoyment any.