Mike Mills Talks Golf

In the tradition of Ben Gibbard talking about running, we have another example of a veteran alt-rocker talking about enjoying a vigorous physical activity that you might not expect. In this case, the activity is not actually all that vigorous: Mike Mills, late of R.E.M., turns out to be an avid golfer. Mills recently turned up on the Golf Channel talk show Morning Drive to discuss his feelings about the sport, and the motherfucker straight-up just talks about golf and sounds aggressively normal for eight minutes. It’s weirdly inspiring. He also hints that R.E.M. might’ve been approached to perform at a Super Bowl halftime show, which is just about the weirdest thing I could possibly ever picture.

The show’s hosts stole my one good R.E.M. golf pun when they asked if “Driver 8″ had anything to do with the sport. (The official answer is no, which you probably already knew if you’d ever heard the song.) So go ahead and leave your best R.E.M. golf pun in the comments section, since I know how you guys like to do. And watch Mills on Morning Drive here.