Kanye And Jonah Hill Play Connect 4

Kanye is just like us. He loves indie rock, is bad at geography, and posts home movies on Vimeo. (He’s just like Ryan Adams, too.) Kanye also plays a lot of Connect Four. Which is like Scrabulous or something? He’s great at it. Only Beyonce has beaten him. In this latest nail-biter, Kanye challenges Andy Samberg’s dad’s boyfriend Jonah Hill. (Love the lady who says, “OMG, is he gonna play Connect Four?” like it’s a duel.) SPOILER: Jonah, self-proclaimed Picasso of Connect Four, clears the board before Kanye can make his winning move. It’s clear Kanye was gonna win ’cause he gets up from the game to put on victory music (Lil Wayne, obvs). In Jonah’s defense, he had just smoked like so much weed. Watch it here.