New Dead Weather Video – “I Cut Like A Buffalo”

The Dead Weather can be a mixed bag between their principals’ ineffable charisma and their lesser songs’ paint-by-numbers posturing — but the project’s certainly carved a niche in turning out some of the year’s most memorable videos. Jack and Alison already treated each other like your mother (your mother loves to pump you Robert Rodriguez-style). Now Mr. White can take credit for directing 2009’s best hybrid usage of belly dancers, knives, buffalo heads, hula hoops, and random creepy old guys in bowler hats. You can’t argue with that, about as much as you can’t make too much sense of the clip. But it’s a fun one.
(via Spinner)

Horehound is out via Third Man/Warner Bros. The “I Cut Like a Buffalo” single is due on 10/26, b/w a cover of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band’s “A Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death.”

UPDATE: Here’s “Version II”…