The Flaming Lips – “Now I Understand” (Feat. Erykah Badu, Siri, Biz Markie)

I don’t possess the very latest iPhone, and so what I’ve seen of that newfangled Siri feature has been friends’ half-witted demos where the question posed is like “Siri, please tell me why I wake up with this sinking pit of desperation in my gut every morning” and Siri is like “Finding you: sinkhole repairmen in New York City.” It seems like very utilitarian software and I wish I had it! SIRI, GIVE YOURSELF TO ME. Now here on this song, the first new one of 2012 for the Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne finds a whacked-out and oddly moving aesthetic way to employ Siri, which should surprise absolutely nobody. “Wayne, I don’t understand … the moon, the sun, and the stars,” Siri confesses. Joining Siri and the Lips on this track is fellow South Central US titan Erykah Badu, whose gentle coos poignantly pair with Siri’s pleas. The track also features Biz Markie “in reverse,” apparently, and a happy ending which I won’t spoiler for you.

iPhone’s existential crisis feature is highly advanced, I will buy it for Christmas.