The Strokes Are Working Out Kinks For LP4, Watching Gossip Girl

It’s been over two years since First Impressions Of Earth, but the Strokes are always fresh in our minds thanks to a neverending parade of covers (Rhymefest, Chris Thile, Howie Beck, Lightspeed Champion, etc.). Plus, Albert Hammond Jr. has recorded two solo albums (Como Te Llama is out this summer) in the hiatus. It’s next to impossible to record a Strokes album without the guitarist.

But, now we have some news. Almost.

Bassist Nikolai Fraiture took to his section of the other day with this non-update on the album, but news on A Kind Of Dream, a thirty-minute black-and-white film for which he composed music.

Meanwhile, Albert (AKA Judd Apatow 1987) turned 28 on 4/9. He celebrated by watching Gossip Girl. Via NY Mag:

Less than a year later, Ed [Westwick, who plays Chuck] seems to have settled in nicely. He pals around with hedge-fund managers, plays gigs on the Lower East Side with his band the Filthy Youth, and frequents the Rose Bar, subMercer, and the Beatrice Inn. In other words, he’s living the life.

“Did I tell you I met Albert Hammond Jr. the other night?” he asked Leighton one afternoon at the Rose Bar, when she came in to hang out with him and castmate Jessica Szohr, who plays Dan’s former love interest Vanessa. “It was so fucking cool. He knew who I was. Apparently he’s a fan of Gossip Girl. He was like, ‘I love your character, man.'”

“You love him,” Leighton said, laughing, as Ed waxed on.

“I do, I fucking love him,” Ed said dreamily, putting on Leighton’s sunglasses.

It was Ed’s day off, and he was intoxicated.

Sounds about right.