Feist – “The Bad In Each Other” Video

The opening track to Feist’s Metals, the powerful post-blues LP standout “The Bad In Each Other,” is here for you to observe in cinematic form. It’s filmic and a little narratively confusing in its depictions of what are presumably good men and good women in various epochs and locales and styles of dress, but in the end it is all fireworks and smiles. I tell you that so you aren’t as clenched up as I was watching these sorta intimate scenes and waiting for the track’s title to manifest somehow. Everyone loves each other, mostly! Watch it here, via Youtube.com:

Feist’s Metals is out via Interscope. During this album cycle she has also indulged in standard industry practices such as making a video for “How Come You Never Go There,” collaborating with the Muppets, and covering “November Rain.”

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