Hear A Reunited Neil Young & Crazy Horse Jam Session

Neil Young recently told the world that he’s back together with Crazy Horse, the backing band that helped him invent a vicious strain of fuzz-rock back around 1970, and that they’re working on new material together. Today, we get a long, fiery glimpse at what that new material might sound like. As Rolling Stone points out, Young recently posted a 37-minute video called “Horse Back” (“engineered and mixed by John Hanlon at Audio Casa Blanca Jan 6, 2012″) on his website. The images in the video are just inanimate studio objects, but the sound is a wandering but molten improvisational effects-pedal-mashing Crazy Horse studio session. It weaves in bits of Young songs like “Fuckin’ Up” and climaxes in an intense, drawn-out take on “Cortez The Killer,” and you can hear it all here.