Santogold Brings Unexpected Sounds, Fully Expected Awesomeness

You can’t blame people for thinking Santogold’s long awaited debut LP would come on M.I.A. style: there were the preadvertised producers (Kala cohorots Diplo and Switch), the panglobal beat-infused live shows, and the regular stage accompaniment from, well, you get it. Even last year’s leaked tracks like “Creator” and “You’ll Find A Way” seemed Arulprgasamic. But careful ID3 tag students noticed the “You’ll Find A Way” leak was actually the Switch and Sinden remix, and that we hadn’t yet heard the real version. That real version is the sort of stylistic curveball the whole LP brings: instead of beats with a grimy sexy electronic touch, “You’ll Find A Way” proper comes on groovy new wave verses with post punk hooks that’d make Kele Okereke blush. Still expecting a Maya retread? Get set to eat crow (or, maybe gold glitter). Don’t be surprised what you discover and get a full Santogold stream at mtvU. It is very good.

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