New Los Campesinos! Video – “These Are Listed Buildings”

When Los Campesinos! checked in last month, they offered up “The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future,” an anthemic tale about a far-too-pretty girl taking her “diet” of pills (and not much else) to extremes. As I mentioned then, its accompanying video, situated on Barr Island, went for the true-life aesthetic used to such great effect by the Welsh septet’s past tourmates Girls (as well as Nan Goldin, Ryan Mcginley, etc.). The kids are hanging out by different bodies of water for “These Are Listed Buildings,” aka “the first single to be released from our forthcoming, as yet untitled (as far as you know) album.” The grainy clip was filmed and edited by Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell and features a more plot-driven narrative than last time.

Streaming without imagery:

You’ll be able to purchase a “These Are Listed Buildings” 7″ on the band’s current UK tour. It’ll look like this: