New Foals Video – “Red Socks Pugie”

For all the grief we’re ScarJo’s Waits remake is getting, we don’t blame the producer: Dave Sitek did his best to offset her vocals with that Siteky sonic grandiosity. Unfortunately for him, though, Foals didn’t feel they needed quite the same touch up. DAS takes a production credit on the band’s math-pop winner Antidotes, but the UK dance-punkers remixed his efforts, complaining the end result sounds like it was “recorded in the Grand Canyon.” That’s sort of how he does, Foals. Whatever the end mix, though, “Red Socks Pugie” is an exercise in recording done right. The track pops with just the right mix of jitter and drama, as the official clip drives home with documentary-style cinematography of atomic destruction and anatomical diagrams. “Our hearts swell up, which make them explode.” Which could be from all that emotion. Or from all those fiery mushroom clouds.

Thanks, P4K. Here’s an MP3 of not this song:

Foals – “Balloons” (MP3)

Antidotes is out via Sub Pop.

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