DIG (Two Mash-Ups)

I’m supposed to write about DIG!, though there’s nothing I have to add that hasn’t already been written on the Internerd this week. I’ve been a casual fan of both bands for years, but seeing the great documentary immediately made me want to revisit my Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre albums. Especially Brian Jonestown Massacre. I had no idea there was even a relationship between these two bands, much less that BJM was led by a heroin-addled musical genius with a messiah complex. You can watch the movie trailer here. Anton, by the way, does not the support it; you can read his thoughts here.

I’m sure you already know you can download a shitload of BJM tunes on the band’s MP3 page. If you scroll down, you’ll notice you can also download the entire first Lone Pigeon album Concubine Rice. ?

Anyway, DIG! opens tonight. Go see!

Here’s two mashups. The first one is relevant to this post. The second is unrelated, but I just discovered it and had to share.

Dandies Vs. Beasties – “Intergalactic Friends”
Jay-Z Vs. Nena – “99 Luft Problems” (via Bedroom Dancing)