New Port O’Brien Video – “My Will Is Good”

When first posting “My Will Is Good,” I mentioned threadbare’s back and forth between introspection and cathartic pop was inspired by the death of Cambria Goodwin’s younger brother. It’s unclear how much that influenced this Raul Fernandez-directed video, which finds one young boy playing double dutch with a bunch of girls. There’s a light-hearted nostalgia in the clip (and some humor in the kids’ steely meditative game faces), but it’s difficult not thinking about sadder things when watching Van Pierszalowski and Goodwin pounding out the song in the bleachers, and it’s likely no coincidence smiles go from wistful to somber after Pierszalowski sings “all these thoughts / came back to you this time of year.”

(Via Spinner)

Here it is again:

Port O’Brien – “My Will Is Good” (MP3)

threadbare is out tomorrow (10/6) via TBD. Don’t forget about “Sour Milk/Salt Water.”

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