Ice Cube’s “Good Day” — 1/20/92 or 11/30/88, Probably

In Ice Cube’s classic 1992 single “It Was A Good Day,” the L.A. rap legend, flowing over an atypically laid-back Isley Brothers sample, lists off all the reasons why the day he just had was a good one: He got laid, he beat his friends at dominoes, he saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp and it read, “Ice Cube’s a pimp.” The song had a serious point to make: For a resident of California’s ghettos, a good day is one where you don’t have to use your assault rifle and none of your friends get killed. But as internet sleuths have recently figured out, the song might’ve referred to an actual day, too.

As Vulture points out, the blogger Donovan Strain used a few details from the song — the weather was nice, the Lakers beat the Supersonics, Yo! MTV Raps was on — to deduce that the day in question was 1/20/92, and another blogger has also argued that it could be 11/30/88. And when Vulture reached out to Ice Cube to confirm whether either of these days was the right one, here’s the response he gave through his publicist: “Nice try.” Nobody knows what “nice try” means in this context, but I’d like to believe it’s something like this: “You guys completely missed the point of my song.”

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