Amy Poehler’s First Weekend Update … Jealous?

Elton John: Hello, Tina. Where’s my Jimmy boy?
Tina Fey: Oh. Well, he’s gone. Amy’s here now.
Elton John: You’re not really my cup of tea, dear. If you know what I mean.
Amy: ‘Cause you’re superhumanly gay?
Elton John: Yes.

Wasn’t new Weekend Update duo Tina Fey & Amy Poehler SO CUTE YOU WANTED TO PUKE?

More likely, you forgot to Tivo … so watch the whole thing here (Real Stream). Possibly, best Update ever.

Media via, which should really buy while the domain’s still available., by the way, is a Britney fansite?!

UPDATE: Gothamist <3s Poehler too.

UPDATE AGAIN: Meet the real Debbie Downer.