New Tape Deck Mountain – “Bat Lies” & “Ghost Colony”

I like the way “Scantrons” ushers in Tape Deck Mountain’s Ghost, “an album about being a ghost, thinking you’re a ghost, dreaming you’re a ghost, being a ghost, and getting good grades in school.” You get a waft of jangling Spaceman 3 echoes via these San Diego dudes going on about passing out multiple-choice fill-in-the-bubble tests and then things shift. The group’s hard to pin down across Ghost’s nine songs even though they do stick to a non-clashing “mid-fi” palette that includes some of the aforementioned space travel mixed with a dirtier Americana. Texturally, their mentions of Sebadoh and the Microphones as influences make sense. When you hear the noisier moments, their sorta de rigueur MBV and Sonic Youth namedrops are sorta there at in spirit, but it’s the trio’s seemingly unlikely reference to Mew that you’ll find popping up most audibly. See, for instance, lead track “Ghost Colony”‘s triumphant burn. Before that, to get a sense of the aforementioned shifts, listen to crystalline and downcast closer “Bat Lies.” (Might as well toss Galaxie 500 into the fire, too.)

Tape Deck Mountain – “Bat Lies” (MP3)

Think about Mew’s “New Terrain” as this builds:

Tape Deck Mountain – “Ghost Colony” (MP3)

On Ghost, “Ghost Colony”‘s followed by 13-seconds of backward ambiance called “A+” that bleeds directly into “Bat Lies.” So listen now in reverse.

Ghost is out 11/17 via Lefse.