Ryan Adams Gets Animated In 30 Rock Webisode

On the latest episode of The Donaghy Files, a 30 Rock spinoff of animated webisodes, Alec Baldwin’s character finds himself tasked with throwing together a Super Bowl halftime show but unable to pay any clearance fees. This somehow leads to him bringing in a bunch of musicians to sing theme songs to old NBC shows. One of those guests is Ryan Adams, guesting as himself, who does a perfectly lovely acoustic version of the Passions theme and somehow makes it sound exactly like a Ryan Adams song. We also get Michael McDonald singing the Saved By The Bell theme and Childish Gambino rapping over the Knight Rider theme. Watch it below.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

Somehow, the actual Super Bowl halftime show, with its Madonna/M.I.A./Nicki Minaj lineup, doesn’t seem much more random than this one.