Thom Yorke @ Orpheum, Los Angeles 10/5/09

And now Los Angeles can go back to paying attention to the real life. The weekend that saw Thom Yorke bare-chested and well-lit wrapped up last night at the Orpheum. The setlist was the same as the previous night’s show in the same room; photographer Andrew Youssef was the envy of everybody by making it to all three shows, saying last night’s had the best crowd and saw the band at it’s tightest. Just in time for none of the rest of us to see them in action, sadly, although Yorke did tease the room by saying he’d be back next year. With which bassist, and what songs, is anyone’s guess. But that’s some good news for people willing to sit tight for 12 months on the promise of a concert. (Year-long waits are the new style.) Take a pass through Andrew’s photos and last night’s setlist, and if you didn’t hear the band in person or on your laptop yet, these clips are worth a look.

01 “The Eraser”
02 “Analyze”
03 “The Clock
04 “Black Swan”
05 “Skip Divided”
06 “Atoms For Peace”
07 “And It Rained All Night”
08 “Harrowdown Hill”
09 “Cymbal Rush”
(Thom solo)
10 “Lotus Flower”
11 “Skirting On The Surface”
12 “Supercollider”
13 “Paperbag Writer”
13 “Judge, Jury, & Executioner”
15 “The Hollow Earth”
16 “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses”