Neon Indian – “Fallout” Video

The creative forces at Adult Swim roped in Flying Lotus’s guy Lifuchs to direct a video for Era Extraña’s sumptuous ’80s-gaze cinema fare “Fallout,” and since it is Adult Swim, we are in the realm of the cartoon. The folks there peg the video as an “homage to 80’s toons and sexy commercials,” which basically means Pole Position with cleavage which, now that you mention it, I probably would have loved if it actually existed on Saturday mornings growing up, and now I feel cheated by my youth THANKS A LOT NEON INDIAN.

(via Adult Swim)

New proposed tagline for all of this post-millennial nostalgia-pop: Hindsight is always ’80s/’80s. Or something. Era Extraña is out.