Death Cab Release Daytrotter Session, Viral Video Site

Death Cab are on the road, and if you spend any time on this site, you’ve already had a taste of some live Narrow Stairs. The band (who are now quite hirsute!) promised new songs in their Coachella set list, and they delivered album opener “Bixby Canyon Bridge” and 37-minute hit single “I Will Possess Your Heart.” For their just-released Daytrotter session, the band performed “Talking Bird” (as heard at Seeds Of Compassion, “Cath” (as heard on BBC6), and oldies “Why’d You Want To Live Here,” “Styrofoam Plates,” “The New Year,” and “A Movie Script Ending” (as heard on Muxtapes everywhere). You can download ‘em all, and read Ben’s notes (e.g., “[“Cath”]’s lyrics speak for themselves”), here. Since it’s 2008, there is also an unnecessary, viral video project forming at Pretty bare so far, but 18 seconds of “Bixby” is a start.