Yacht Rock Heroes Join The Roots On Fallon

These days Michael McDonald has been very Wu-Tang in his indie scene appropriation, working with Holy Ghost!, covering Grizzly Bear, owning fantastic facial hair, etc. But last night Jimmy Fallon made it easy for the honey-piped icon to get a little latter-day internet attention while still staying lodged in his wheelhouse with Late Night’s Yacht Rock celebration. The show featured musical guest of honor Christopher Cross, Michael McD, and copious references to the mythology around that scene of softsational stars propagated by this internet show. (Hopefully you’ve watched all of them by now.) Of course it’s mythology because neither Michael, Christopher, Kenny Loggins, or any other of the characters lovingly imitated on Yacht Rock actually owned a yacht, but that’s besides the point. The point is, instead, let’s get all the Roots and Fallon’s studio audience to wear ridiculous looking captain’s hats while Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald sing the classic “Ride Like The Wind”:

And here’s a web-exclusive of “Sailing”: