New Coldplay – “Violet Hill”

This is the sound of Coldplay trying to grow some balls. The long awaited introduction to Eno-fied Coldplay comes today, via previously announced FREE MP3 (for just one week, because major labels can’t have a good idea without saddling it with a bad one). Don’t let the atmospheric and ambient noise swell out front scare you too much, “Violet Hill” is a rocker’s march, with Eno dialing Buckland’s guitars into a more biting/less delayed crunch than A Rush Of Blood and X&Y (check the alarm siren bends, etc.). On the other hand, it looks like Brian’s still OK with Mr. Martin’s favored outro trick of gentle voice/piano chorus reprise. Two listen verdict: definitely less likely to put you to sleep. A few more notes to that guitar solo might’ve helped. Download it here or stream below.

Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends is out 6/17 via Parlophone in the UK and Capitol in the US.

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