The Mountain Goats Perform “Psalms 40:2,” Discuss Suicidal Mountain Goats On Colbert

The Mountain Goats’ Heretic Pride/Satanic Messiah followup The Life Of The World To Come came out yesterday. So far we’ve listened to the downcast, homeless nostalgia of “Genesis 3:23” and the totally devastating “Matthew 25:21.” Out there spreading more verses, John Darnielle just performed the more upbeat, apocalyptic “Psalms 40:2″ on The Colbert Report. (The accompanying Bible passage: “He lifted me out of the slimy pit, / out of the mud and mire; / he set my feet on a rock / and gave me a firm place to stand.”) JD also sat down to discuss the “cheerful desolation” of his lyricism and why mountain goats are the coolest animals.

“Psalms 40:20″

The Colbert Bump:

And here’s the Rian Johnson-directed video for The Life Of The World To Come closer “Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy Of Grace.”

The Life Of The World To Come is out via 4AD.

UPDATE: Not seen on TV: Colbert joined the band on “This Year.” Awesome. (Thanks creamofthecrop for the heads up.)