New Stereolab – “Three Women”

Stereolab’s forthcoming Chemical Chords is their first proper album in four years. Wow and flutter. (We’ve decided not to count 2006’s Fab Four Suture compilation, because four years sounds more dramatic, and that way we got to make a bad pun, too.) Have to say, the fact that they’ve been around for almost 20 years at this point makes some of us feel really old. Like, those of us who remember buying Peng! the week it was released in 1992 or driving around in a beat-up Impala and obsessing a cassette copy of Mars Audiac Quintet. Sheesh. All these years later and “Three Women” sounds like Stereolab, though in a sunny, horn-y, strutting late-period way. It’s a decent track, but like much of Laetitia Sadier and Tim Gane and Co’s back catalog, it’ll likely work best nestled into the whole.

Stereolab – “Three Women” (MP3

No, they’re not reinventing themselves at all, but who can resist Sadier’s lilting French, the brightly-lit guitar, and that comforting Stereolab organ shimmer? The tracklist:

01 “Neon Beanbag”
02 “Three Women”
03 “One Finger Symphony”
04 “Chemical Chords”
05 “The Ecstatic Static”
06 “Valley Hi!”
07 “Silver Sands”
08 “Pop Molecule (Molecular Pop 1)”
09 “Self Portrait with ‘Electric Brain'”
10 “Nous Vous Demandons Pardon”
11 “Cellulose Sunshine”

Chemical Chords is out 8/18 in the UK on Duophonic UHF Disks and 8/19 in the US on 4AD.

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