New Guillemots Video – “Falling Out Of Reach”

Guillemots’ “Falling Out Of Reach” falls in line with some of the great, delicately emotional tracks the band introduced itself with on Through The Windowpane, like “Made Up Love Song #43,” or even “Blue Would Still Be Blye.” The track makes for the second single from the UK band’s sophomore LP Red, and after Dangerfield got Willy Wonkily maniacal in the album’s first video ( “Get Over It“), Fyfe wisely farms out the acting on this one to someone with just a little more experience and a fancier title. “We’re slowly drifting out of reach … you’re slowly falling out of reach” goes the refrain, and Sir Ian McKellen barely needs to move a muscle to bring it home hard. It’s the kind of talent that can more with more with a static facial expression than we can with all the words in this post, so enough from us already.

Really lovely song. Red isn’t always up to this level, unfortunately, but few other acts can weave the nuance into a song like this. We’re fans. The album is out in the UK via Polydor.