New Langhorne Slim Video – “Rebel Side Of Heaven” (Stereogum Premiere)

The beautifully lit Crackerfarm-directed video for “Rebel Side Of Heaven” takes place at the Box in Manhattan. It looks really good (lots of rich shadows and tones), which makes sense: Crackerfarm, aka the husband/wife team of Mike and Lindsey, are also photographers, who’ve shot Sonic Youth, the Avett Brothers, Sparklehorse, Regina Spektor, Langhorne himself, etc. (The image to the right’s a screengrab from the video, not a promo photo.) Content-wise, it’s a simple, raucous performance by PA-born, Brooklyn-based Langhorne Slim and his War Eagles interspersed with spotlit mugging by the band, various bar and bathroom tableau (folks making out, a guy reading the newspaper on the can, a peeping tom, a dude blowing his horn). It’s our second video of the day that features a woman wearing a tie. If we have one more, we declare a trend.

“Rebel Side Of Heaven” is the first single from Langhorne’s new (out today) self-titled record. We tried making a Slayer joke, but no dice.

Langhorne Slim is out via Kemado.