Watch The Darkness’s Super Bowl Commercial

Depending on how you look at it, Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast was dominated either by the Giants or by M.I.A.’s middle finger. But how about the commercials? Well, given how expensive all of dem tings are, it is probably not a great sign that there are so few worth discussing this morning. There did seem to be a few trends: commercials that zipped through time, often depicting party scenes and/or sports (e.g. Budweiser’s Prohibition mashups; the NFL’s in-house spot), as were ziplines for some reason (e.g. that Seinfeld car commercial). No commercial brought the party and the zipline into one Stereogummable spot quite like Samsung’s ad, though, which took their iPhone-people-are–hipster-sheeple steez and blew it out into a cross-cultural fiesta soundtracked by, and starring, The Darkness’s Justin Hawkins going castrata on “I Believe In A Thing Called Love.” It was pretty joyous and enjoyable for a bit of film with a clear corporate agenda! This is because “I Believe In A Thing” remains a classic-out-of-time, and also probably because the commercial was directed by Bobby Farrelly (of There’s Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber glory). This all times well for the Darkness’s big comeback which, by the way, they are making. You can see the Super Bowl spot here:

And every other commercial is right here, in order, if you are so inclined.