Morrissey To Craig Ferguson: “All You Need Is Me”

At Coachella we spotted a couple Moz tattoos. People probably got that ink based on Steven Patrick’s older work. The McCain disser, decked in an American Idol tee and jacket, doesn’t sound as great as he once did during this Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson performance, but then his band’s jacked-up so loudly, he seemingly has to drop some vocal smoothness for a semi-yowl just to keep apace. We’d also argue that the song’s guitar solo’s kinda useless — though maybe it’s there so he can catch his breath. We’re not complaining, because as Mr. Morrissey correctly sings in his wry inversion of “All You Need Is Love”: “There’s so much destruction all over the world / And all you can do is complain about me.”

Of course, during this fraught political season, maybe he should’ve done a reprise of this: