The Week In Grunge: Temple Of The Dog Reunite At Pearl Jam Gig, Nirvana Release New Video, Alice In Chains Are Popular

Yes the full lineup of Temple Of The Dog reunited Tuesday night in L.A. to play “Hunger Strike,” and the high-school-you is flashing back to beautiful young EdVed in the tall grass and shitting its pants. (If the high school you is the now-you, Temple Of The Dog was a supergroup comprising members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden; Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were bands that wore a bunch of flannel.) Add that to this video of Nirvana doing “School” at their legendary headlining Reading set (from the DVD of the performance due out next month), and Alice In Chains holding #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Check My Brain” (Jerry Cantrell came out at that Temple reunion gig, too) and it’s been a really good week for 1992! Let’s all rent Singles and compare Docs this weekend and call each other slackers.

Get in the mood with this video of Temple Of The Dog Tuesday (which only really required Chris Cornell to get onstage at a Pearl Jam show, since the band was Chris, Stone, Eddie, Jeff, and then Matt Cameron who is conveniently situated in camp PJ), followed by Jerry In Chains jamming on “Alive”:

Both videos come courtesy of Only a Citizen Dick reunion could get me more pumped. Alice In Chains will be on Conan 10/30, and also can be seen checking their brain below:

And from the forthcoming Bleach reissue…

Nirvana – “About A Girl” (Remastered) (MP3)