New Tapes ‘N Tapes Video – “Hang Them All”

We didn’t like Tapes ‘N Tapes’ Walk If Off very much. To quote:

Here/there, they’re basically a hodgepodge of various groups — you hear a little Modest Mouse (everywhere), or Pixies (“Blunt”), or that band you can’t quite remember right now (everywhere), or Pavement. In these moments, it’s like you asked someone to define “indie rock,” and they opted to jumble together an assemblage of folks who did it better.

One of the few decent tracks “Hang Them All” just received video accompaniment, so snap together your cardboard rifle and head down to the 99¢ and 98¢ stores.

Cute video. Did you catch the Tapes ‘N Tapes kitty litter? If you’re keeping score at home of who they sound like on each track: This is their Modest Mouse-y Wolf Parade jam, a Dan song that would fall in the middle of the record. For folks outside the US: The second we find a YouTube embed, it’s up.

Walk It Off is out on XL.