New Twilight Sad – “Here, It Never Snowed. Afterwards It Did”

The Twilight Sad’s debut EP made a splash with the Stereogum staff in ’06. The beautifully bludgeoning Fourteen Autumns And Fifteen Winters LP hit hard too, and lead to the band logging lots of miles bringing their eyes-closed/feedback-drenched shoegazer jams to small rooms and big fests worldwide. In the middle they contributed to our inaugural Stereogum Presents… project in homage to Radiohead’s OK Computer, so you get it: We follow the dudes closely.

Fellow Twilight Sad geeks will be glad to hear that the group’s Fourteen Autums aren’t over just yet: This summer we’re getting Here, It Never Snowed. Aftewards It Did, a six-song set with a cover of a Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair’s “Some Things Last a Long Time,” four reworked tracks from the debut LP, and one new cut. Of course it comes with a cautionary note:

The album should not be taken as a significant pointer to any future recordings; it’s more like another version of the band’s sound that has not until now been documented, recorded by a band with a natural inclination to push their sound in all sorts of directions.

Fair enough, although they could do worse than to make this the new blueprint. There’s strings, organs, glockenspiels — and instrumental help from friends like My Latest Novel’s Laura McFarlane (also of BTW fame) and Aerogramme’s Campbell Mcneil — bringing some chamber-ready warmth to songs that are already hardwired for dramatics. Check the tracklist below:

01 “And She Would Darken The Memory”
02 “Cold Days From The Birdhouse”
03 “Here, It Never Snowed. Aftewards It Did”
04 “Mapped By What Surrounded Them”
05 “Walking For Two Hours”
06 “Some Things Last A Long Time”

Stream all six tunes at FatCat, who will put out the EP (titled Here, It Never Snowed. Aftewards It Did in honor of the new song) on 6/9 in the UK and 6/10 in the US.