New Six Organs Of Admittance Video – “Goodnight”

Following in the sunsetting path of Six Organs’ previous, more riotous “Shelter From The Ash” clip, the video for “Goodnight,” also directed by photographer/Wild Tigers I Have Known filmmaker Cam Archer, finds Bryn Phillips wandering the desert alone, his silhouette cast against a colorfully dark sky. The only other movement — the ants at the beginning, the slight shifting of cloud formations, and the always wonderful Ben Chasny’s gentle vocalizations and crystalline guitar. As the title suggests, the mesmerizing clip creates the perfect late-night madrigal — or, in this case, a way to ease into Hump Day.

If it reminds you at all of Gerry or My Own Private Idaho, note that Gus Van Zandt is the executive producer of Archer’s film. So a similar aesthetic sense, for sure. While we’re basking in Archer-directed Six Organs Of Admittance videos, here’s a greener, lusher “oldie.”

Shelter from the Ash is out now via Drag City.