Beach Boys To Reunite At Grammys… With Foster The People & Maroon 5

In December, we reported that elusive, damaged genius Brian Wilson was back together with the Beach Boys, the once-estranged group he’d helped to make great. This year, they plan to tour together and release a new album. And at this Sunday’s Grammys, Billboard reports that they’ll all perform together for the first time in decades. But here’s the catch: They’ll do it in a joint performance with Foster The People and Maroon 5. Grammys! You’re fucking everything up! Again!

The Grammy producers’ thinking, I suppose, is that the Beach Boys, Maroon 5, and Foster The People are all rock bands from California. Seriously, that’s all I can come up with. That’s it. If anyone can think of a justification for this trainwreck, the comments section is all yours.