New White Williams Video – “New Violence”

Videogum might have better luck at naming all the gun-centric film clips that make up BTW and early ‘Gum Dropper White Williams’s TV Carnage-assembled video for “New Violence,” but we’re familiar with quite a few (see the assault-rifle bikini ladies and the cop strip dancing in the bedroom … oh, how we kid). Seems a tad late to release a video for a song people couldn’t stop listening to last summer, but hey, it must’ve taken some time to edit the footage together so it nailed the song’s rhythms (and implied chase scenes). Keep your eyes peeled for Burt Reynolds.


If you’d like to piece together your own “New Violence” video, here’s the audio in take-away form:

White Williams – “New Violence” (MP3)

Smoke is out via Tigerbeat6.