New We Are Scientists Video – “Chick Lit”

We’ll take the outdated Seinfeldian angle on this one: “What is the deal with We Are Scientists obsession with dogs in videos?” Haha we were so funny in the ’90s. No seriously though, what’s the deal with the dogs? It made sense in “After Hours” for the “Chris’s blind date is a real ‘bitch'” implied joke. Here, it’s just a gag: two cowboys on the range, roughing it, but instead of cows, they’re driving a pack of cute puppies. It’s appropriately jokey for a jokey band, but most likely it’s just to take absorb the focus and take away any “Chris and Keith are gay like on Brokeback Mountain” implied jokes (not that there’s anything wrong with that, we could do this all day vegetable lasagna). To give it a watch, head to’s WAS page, scroll down to the media player listing, and click “Chick Lit.” Once you pop the player, click the song title in the playlist to the right. Or, just wait for YouTube (UPDATE: Embed below).

Brain Thrust Mastery is out via EMI.