New Inlets – “Your Good Arm”

Since we last checked in with Brooklyn-based BTW Inlets, aka singer/multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Krueger, he backed Feist for her SNL “1234” and played on My Brightest Diamond’s forthcoming A Thousand Shark’s Teeth (remember “Inside A Boy“?). Stepping out of those shadows, he’s in the midst of recording a new album. There’s no release date just yet, but we do have one fragile, classically inflected track, “Your Good Arm,” which features the venerable Francis Condon on trumpet and Krueger on just about everything else. Fronted and guided by Krueger’s falsetto, it’s fleshed out with piano, marching drums, escalating harmonies, and lyrical phrases both emotional (“now, don’t make that face at me”) and intellectual (“the critical architecture of this city…”). These layers build, and redouble, toward a flourishing outro. This is a pretty awesome song.

Inlets – “Your Good Arm” (MP3)

Kick it, Francis. Inlets play Union Hall 5/14. Stay informed at his MySpace.

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