Damon Albarn Will Folk You, Chinese Style

Miss Damon Albarn? Miss Gorillaz? Then you’re gonna love MONKEY: JOURNEY TO THE WEST. The Blur/Gorillaz/TGTB&TQ frontman, who’s not exactly lacking for projects, adds to his CV via an upcoming trip to the States armed with some simian mobile folk. The MONKEY show, the brainchild of Albarn, Jamie Hewlett, and director Chen Shi-Zheng, premiered at last year’s Manchester International Film Festival and went on to sell outs in Paris. A press release describes it as an operatic musical drawing on China for its legend, its talent (acrobats, martial artists, singers, etc.), and its language (Mandarin, but don’t worry there are subtitles). It’s about a Monkey King on his path to enlightenment, as illustrated by this unofficial photo of our choosing.

Interested in any of this? Of course you are, you love monkeys. Londoners can check the spectacle July 23-26th at The Royal Opera House, while Americans can check in anytime from May 22-June 8th at the Spolet Festival in Charleston, SC. More info on the fest here, and ticket info here.