The Hold Steady Stay Positive About July 15th Release, Summer Tour Dates

Time to make it all official: the photographed, named, and previewed new Hold Steady album has a release date, and if you know how to read post titles and are American, you are all set. (British folks, it’s actually 14/7 for you.) Since their last one took home the Gummy for Best Album 2006, we figure a few of you might already be scribbling notes on your iCal. Craig seems more than positive about the whole thing; he’s sounding absolutely communal. From Finn:

Possibly the most exciting aspect of our band is the community of fans that have followed us around the country. In talking to them, we have found that no matter their ages, they are so much like us as people, that they seem at times an extension of the music. A great American philosopher named D. Boon once said “Our band could be your life.” I think that is true. But “Your Life could be Our Band” is also a true statement. I know this because we have lived it. These are our lives. These are your lives.

It’s like the Hold Steady are the Grateful Dead, just with more Bud and less … bud. Ample goodies for you below: tracklist, tour dates, and if you missed it last time, the band staying “Positive,” live.

01 “Constructive Summer”
02 “Sequestered in Memphis”
03 “One for the Cutters”
04 “Navy Sheets”
05 “Lord, I’m Discouraged”
06 “Yeah Sapphire”
07 “Both Crosses”
08 “Stay Positive”
09 “Magazines”
10 “Joke About Jamaica”
11 “Slapped Actress”

Here’s what the title track’s like in the flesh:

Stay Positive is out 7/14 in the UK via Rough Trade and 7/15 in the US via Vagrant.

05/02 – New York, NY [email protected] Webster Hall (Tribeca Film Festival)
05/07 – Middletown, CT @ Andrus Field (students only)
05/11 – Rye, England @ Camber Sands Holiday Centre (ATP vs. P4K Fest)
05/13 – Dublin, Ireland @ Academy
05/14 – Belfast, Northern Ireland @ Spring and Airbrake
05/16 – Brighton, England @ The Great Escape
06/08 – Chula Vista, CA (94.9 Independence Jam)
06/27 – Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head Live!
06/28 – Philadelphia, PA @ Festival Pier (School of Rock Fest)
07/06 – London, England @ Hyde Park (O2 Wireless Festival)
07/08 – Liverpool, England @ Echo Arena (Summer Pops)
07/12 – Kinross, Scotland (T in the Park Festival)
07/19 – Chicago, IL (Pitchfork Music Festival)
07/26 – Seattle, WA (Capitol Hill Block Party)