New Kurt Vile Video – “Freak Train”

We’ve been spending plenty of time with Woodsist-associated Philadelphia singer/songwriter and War On Drugs guitarist Kurt Vile’s official Matador debut Childish Prodigy. One of the best songs, no doubt, is the propulsive 7-minute “Freak Train.” It’s a shaggy, ambling song that sounds like its title suggests, adding a few insulated cars, grimy acid-dripping psych, some Kraut-y percussion, and jittery energy to the “Peace Train,” or whatever. The cut-up video contributes a few more layers and some actual train tracks.

(Via P4K)

What does the City Of Brotherly Love thing of their latest export? Well, the Sulimay’s folks hated fellow Childish track “Hunchback”: “That’s not a Philly sound,” “I wondered if anybody was moving their left hand,” “Bring back Willie Nelson,” etc.

You be your own judge:

Kurt Vile – “Hunchback” (MP3)

Childish Prodigy is out via Matador.

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