New Basement Jaxx (Feat. Kelis) Video – “Scars”

Basement Jaxx continue giving Scars the psychedelic treatment in Jan van Nuenen’s digitally animated video for the collection’s skittering title track. Instead of “Feeling’s Gone“‘s cheeky Sam Sparro space traveling and “Raindrops“‘s kaleidoscopic modern dancers, though, the Dutch artist goes a post-human route, creating a thorny, leafy floral landscape that blooms and pulses in hyperspeed along with the electro-lined R&B robotics of Kelis, Meika, and Chipmunk. It’s a Botany textbook with dance moves.

Scars is out via XL/Ultra. If you’re in (or near) North America, you can possibly see the guys DJ this month:

10/30 – San Francisco, CA @ Cow Palace (Live 105 event) ?
10/31 – Los Angeles, CA @ HARD Haunted Mansion party
?11/03 – Toronto, ON @ Century Room
?11/06 – Chicago, IL @ Congress Theatre ?
11/07 – New York, NY @ Santos Party House