New Think About Life – “Johanna”

It’s been three years since Montreal’s Think About Life debuted with the self-titled dance record and hyper-energetic live show that made them one worth watching from the seemingly bottomless scene of Montreal circa 2006. In the interim keyboardist Graham Van Pelt earned a Polaris nomination for his more-than-a-side-project Miracle Fortress’s twist on Brian Wilson with Five Roses, and scene-profile writers have set up outposts in too many cities to count. TAL are finally back with Family, a ten-song set that expands on their first effort’s fuzzy-synth kinetecism with a new array of tricks in service of the same principles: high-energy, highly right-brained dance music. There’s the TVOTR-on-DFA chopped-up and horn-lined dance of “Johanna,” and the post-Blur electronic disco of “Sweet Sixteen”; a sped-up soul vocal sample anchors the uplifting and (go) teeming anthem “Havin My Baby”; “Sofa Bed”‘s life-is-beautiful lyrics send ’80s new wave through a blissy art-pop prism. Canada’s had Family since May, but the album’s just getting its release in the States this week. So for the non-Canadians, here are a few MP3s and videos to get you going:

Think About Life – “Johanna” (MP3)
Think About Life – “Havin My Baby” (MP3)

“Sixteen Candles”“Wizzzard”

Family is out in the US on 10/13 via Alien8.