New Lightning Bolt – “Flooded Chamber”

So far we’ve posted “Sound Guardians,” the roaring opener from Lightning Bolt’s fifth album Garden Of Earthly Delights, along with “Colossus,” a grinder that earns its name. You’ll start understanding the terrain a bit more via “Flood Chamber,” this howling 4-minute excursion that floats crazed vocalisms over a bottom-feeding bass/drum riot. The soulful weirdo anthem shows up immediately before “Funny Farm,” a western-tinged fist-pumper and one of the collection’s poppier moments. Then, after that, you take a dip in the gently atmospheric “Rain On The Lake I’m Swimming In.” All to say: “Flood Chamber” is the storm before the relative quiet (which, of course, doesn’t last very long).

Lightning Bolt – “Flooded Chamber” (MP3)
(Via Fader)

Garden Of Earthly Delights is out 10/13 (tomorrow) via Load.