New Justice Video – “Stress” (Kanye West Premiere)

Kanye’s crushing it with his music blogging, you guys. Today he just posted an EXCLUSIVE Justice video for “Stress” on his Connect 4/fashion/music blog! Between this and the EXCLUSIVE still shots from Kanye West videos, he’s developing an unrelenting monopoly on all things Justice and Kanye West related. We won’t compete, but we will tip our caps in thanks to Mr. West (and to tipster Galen R.) for helping us bring you the latest in a long line of shit-kicking Justice videos. In “Stress,” though, the shit-kicking is all too literal: This clip is a high-definition faux-documentary of an afternoon with Paris’s most violent Justice fans (except apparently they cannot stand “D.A.N.C.E.”). It’s jarring, and cool, and rated ? for extremely un-Christian behavior.

(via Kanye West blog)

Sweet jackets, Justice. Can we buy them? ? is out. Don’t stop making videos for it, please.

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