New Morning Benders Video – “Boarded Doors”

This is the second concept-based video from the Morning Benders still unreleased proper label debut, both of which put Chris Chu in uncomfortable positions. The first saw him rage against the copy machine, Office Space style. This one has that old Loverboy feel — not the band, the Patrick Dempsey movie (remember, “extra anchovies”?). While the rest of the band’s nowhere to be seen, Chris the ladies shoe salesman finds himself inexplicably irresistible to a few of the bay area’s more curvaceous housewives. Consider him the anti-Al Bundy. Of course when it comes to the one he actually loves, well, she’s too busy reading blogs to be bothered. Note to Diablo Cody: we have your next movie concept, homeskillet.

Our favorite part: Chris doesn’t have to act too hard to look uncomfortable with all the middle-aged woman love. The clip was directed by Daniel Stessen of People-Food, so props to him for filming that good naturally occurring awkwardness.

The Morning Benders’ Talking Through Tin Cans LP is due 5/6 out via +1 Records.