Indie Rocktober Playlist

Catbirdseat’s October playlist is one of his best yet. White Magic, Earlimart, Arcade Fire, Joanna Newsom (beautiful cut, but I stupidly bought this LP on vinyl, which means it’s not on my iPod; no more buying new albums on vinyl!). Download here.

And while you’re at it… Thirteen newish guilt-free MP3 downloads.

Delgados – “Sink Or Swim”
Frausdots – “Dead Wrong”
Call And Response – “Eclipse
Clem Snide – “Fill Me With Your Light”
Panda Bear – “Track One”
The Black Keys – “Grown So Ugly”
Dolorean – “The Search”
Robyn Hitchcock – “Television”
The Legends – “Call It Ours”
Mark Lanegan – “Methamphetamine Blues”
Tom Waits – “How’s It Gonna End”
Q And Not U – “Wonderful People”
Wolf Eyes – “Stabbed In The Face”

I especially like the Delgados and Q And Not U tracks … anyone got the full albums? Worth buying?